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100% Fiber-Optics Community!

Based in Elkhart, Kansas, we are a locally owned company providing your communication needs in Southwest Kansas for more than half a century with:

• Home telephone
• Business telephone
• Cable television
• High-Speed Broadband Internet access
•  'Nationwide' Wireless phone

An innovative leader in the industry, Epic Touch Co. is more than just the telephone company. With digital switching and unrepeated fiber network, Epic Touch Co. was one of the first to provide Internet service to rural America; and today Elkhart is a 100% fiber optics community in town and out-of-town for:

• more enhanced features
• digital high definition television
• data-intensive services like video and music streaming

Epic Touch Co. has planned ahead for your future growth and budget needs by offering bundles with various tiers for high speed Internet levels and service choices.

Impact on Kanasas  - www.leadertimes.com article

Proactively making a difference, one connection at a time.

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