EPICTOUCH BROADBAND delivers an Internet connection using fiber-to-the-premise technology.

This technology provides a high quality, reliable connection and with broadband bandwidth packages; you are on your way to enhancing life’s connections. Whether sending emails, streaming a movie, posting photos on a social media site, or staying in-touch with your business associates, you are connected with EPICTOUCH BROADBAND

Home Broadband

Broadband packages
Bandwidth Package Monthly Charge
5 Mb/s $66.99
20 Mb/s $86.99
35 Mb/s $136.99
50 Mb/s $206.99

*Includes Symmetrical Upload & Download Speeds • Fiber to the Premise Technology • Includes local landline telephone

Upfront costs are required upon request for services, first month of service, security deposits, & any applicable activation/installation fees. The monthly charge does not include any applicable surcharges and taxes that will apply monthly.

A change of service requires a $10 service fee. Prices and other fees are subject to change and are not guaranteed during the term of service.
EPICTOUCH BROADBAND’s Terms of Service Agreement applies to all Broadband service packages.