Bob Boaldin
Bob Boaldin

BOB BOALDIN is a renaissance man, having been successful in business, government, farming and ranching,  and deeply involved in economic development. He has long been a state and national leader in the promotion of telephone and cable television service to America’s rural communities.  Nationally he has worked almost 40 years with two communications trade associations in their offices in Washington, D.C.  During those years in Washington, President Bill Clinton appointed Bob Boaldin to serve on the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee for three years.  In 2002 Congressman Jerry Moran appointed Bob to be a member of his Executive Committee. Bob is a spokesman for our rural areas as he travels internationally. He has been a  representative as he traveled to Australia and New Zealand, Russia and China, Germany, England and Scotland, and France.

“Proactively making a difference, one connection at a time” is more than a catch phrase for Bob Boaldin and his company  EPICTOUCH Co.;  it is a way of life for him and his cast of nearly 30 employees who are the strength of the 60 year old company.

Clearly the “connection” in the slogan refers to the telecommunications services provided to rural areas of Kansas and Oklahoma by the various departments of EPICTOUCH.   Equally important is that “connection” also refers to the family and community link that Bob and his company support and encourage.

Bob Boaldin was President and CEO of EPICTOUCH Co. and EPICPCS.  “We are a local, family owned business, and our employees are very involved in their communities.  Each employee is encouraged to stay involved, to give back to their communities, and to maintain strong family ties with their own families and their Epic family.”

Mr. Boaldin himself set the example of community, state, and national service. He  served as Morton County Commissioner for 28 years.  He was appointed by the Governor to be a  member of the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services, Next Generation E911,  and Kansas Wireless E911 Advisory Board.  During 2004 and 2005 Bob served as Chairman of the Kansas Legislative Policy Group. He was a member of the  United  States Telecom Assn. Government Affairs Committee.

EPICTOUCH Co. includes telephone, cable television, and internet, a network with partners nationwide, and a communications product retail store in Elkhart, KS. EPICTOUCH was one of the first to provide internet service to rural America and to provide high speed Digital Subscriber Line based service with its deployment in 1997.

Rural communication companies and their unique communications concerns and issues have received Bob’s energetic support in a factual, unselfish way. He has served with a dedication and a desire to be a voice for rural areas in helping to formulate future telecommunication policies.